A Galaxy on Multiple Chains

Just as there are unlimited galaxies, it would be pretty illogical for Gourmet Galaxy to solely depend on one single Blockchain. As every Blockchain enthusiast knows, Ethereum is perfect in terms of its stability and maturity as an Ecosystem. But in terms of speed, cost, and scalability, Ethereum still faces some serious problems.

Gourmet Galaxy team is well aware of this, so GUM Farm and GUM Swap are built with Polkadot in mind. Just one solution would not be enough for us though, so the more chains we are connected to, the more possibilities there are for our Galaxy to expand, and also the more choices our users will have. By the end of Quarter 1, 2021, we will be ready for Binance Smart Chain and Huobi Eco Chain bridging. We are also working to integrate Layer2 solutions by Matic Network and Nulsio which will hugely improve our scalability.

Why BSC and HECO?

GUM Pad will also support BSC and HECO bridges. This means users can transfer assets from Binance Smart Chain and Huobi Eco Chain to GUM Pad’s pools to participate in IDOs on GUM Pad.

After all, more chains, more fun, right?!

Why Matic Network?

Matic is known as a leading NFT and gaming side-chain that is fully compatible with Ethereum EVM. Matic Network is also famous for the NFT projects that are currently deployed on their network. By deploying on Matic Network, we open ourselves up to new possibilities of mutual cross-project NFT Markets.

We are working hard to deploy GUM Pad on Matic network, and the process will take about several weeks. This process will help Gourmet Galaxy to minimize transaction costs, speed up settlements, and open up new connections with other Blockchain Gaming projects within Matic Network.

With the help from the Matic team, we are aiming to bring Layer2 solutions to GUM Pad, and most importantly, Galaxy Market and NFT Universe. We are confident that the transition from Ethereum Mainnet to Matic will bring significant improvement to the Gourmet Galaxy platform. The approximate launch date will be between the end of Q1 and early Q2, 2021.

Why Nuls?

This process will also transform a percentage of GUM from ERC20 into NRC20. NRC20 tokens have the ability to transact between BSC, HECO, Ethereum, and many more chains to come. So naturally, it will be a part of our Multi-Chain Galaxy.

We are also joining the SCO program. You can read more about SCO at: https://pocm.nuls.io/pocm

When Polkadot?

Check out our Roadmap at: https://gourmetgalaxy.gitbook.io/gourmet-galaxy/roadmap

Gourmet Galaxy is an innovative Yield Farming platform, a combined of DeFi and NFTs in a gaming experience.