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3 min readMar 29, 2021


We are pleased to announce that the next project on GUMPad is KYTE means Kambria Yield Tuning Engine

KYTE (pronounced same way as “kite”) is the newest addition to the rapidly growing DeFi space. By offering intelligent, fast, and decentralized financial services to the community, we complement our vision to foster the open innovation of frontier technologies.

KYTE represents an engine we are building to optimize the yields for KYTE token holders whether through machine learning algorithms or crowdsourcing from our open innovation platform Kambria.

As most of you know, the launch of Ethereum has fundamentally changed cryptocurrencies forever. The brilliant use of smart contracts has been applied to innumerable verticals and use-cases, giving people the opportunity to have full control over how their assets are used — and of course, the world of finance is no exception. With the launch of DeFi products, KYTE community will benefit from equitable access and the flexibility to transact and trade with only an internet connection.

In addition to high yield trading on partner platforms, KYTE will also be used to stake and back important research projects immersed in the development of emerging technologies on the Kambria Platform. Our communities will have the opportunity to earn significant incentives for participation within our ecosystem, bringing additional utility and value to KYTE.

With Kambria’s partnerships and advisors: OhmniLabs, KyberNetwork, TomoChain, Terra, VietAI, DAIA, Hashed Lounge, Data Application Lab, Silicon Valley Robotics, Bangladesh Venture Capital, Perlin, and many more…

How to join whitelist?

  • 2:00PM UTC 29 Mar 2021

When does the whitelist close?

  • 2:00PM UTC 31 Mar 2021 and announce the winners

How about the rules join KYTE IDO on GUMPad?

First pool details:

  1. Ticker: KYTE
  2. Total tokens allocated: 24,500 KYTE
  3. Total slots: 50
  4. Token Price: 0.5$
  5. Token sale format:

Top 1–15: 300$/slot — Total: 9900 KYTE

Top 16–30: 250$/slot — Total: 7500 KYTE

Top 31–50: 200$/slot — Total: 8000 KYTE

Important note:

Each user’s GUM balance will be recorded random time in a snapshot at 0:00 AM (UTC) each day during the 5-day period (from 29 Mar to 2 April)

Participants in Round 1 after closing the whitelist have 24 hours to send ETH to the project’s contract address (we will update the information later)

Second Pool details:

The second pool will be for GUM holders and Liquidity Providers (at least 3 days before the IDO date).

  1. Total tokens allocated: 9200 KYTE
  2. Blockchain: Ethereum
  3. Token sale format: First come, first serve
  4. Token Price: 0.5$
  5. Allocation per slot: 200$/slot
  6. Start Time: 1:00 PM UTC 1st April
  7. Uniswap Listing: 1:50 PM UTC 1st April
  8. Claim time: 2:00 PM UTC 1st April
  9. Pool Farm KYTE — ETH LP token earn GUM: 3:00 PM UTC 1st April
  • Participants in the second pool STILL have to pass the whitelist.

Public Pool

  1. Total tokens allocated: 6300 KYTE
  2. Blockchain: Ethereum
  3. Token Price: 0.5$
  4. Allocation per slot: 150$/slot
  5. Token sale format: Lottery
  6. Start Time: 1:00 PM UTC 1st April
  7. Uniswap Listing: 1:50 PM UTC April
  8. Claim time: 2:00 PM UTC 1st April
  9. Pool Farm KYTE — ETH LP token earn GUM: 3:00 PM UTC 1st April

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