The second GUMPad project

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2 min readMar 26, 2021

Introducing — GamyFi is a Gaming and E-Sports platform Powered by Polkadot and Elrond.

What is Gamyfi Platform?

GamyFi is a Blockchain based E-Sports and gaming platform which incentives gamers and sports enthusiasts for thier skills and knowledge and Rewards. GamyFi platform uses blockchain technology to keep it fair for all while being secure and fast.

Developed by an ambitious team, GamyFi is a revolutionary blockchain technology-based platform that uses crypto as the in-game currency and offering all benefits to the crypto world alongside.

GamyFi is designed to tackle conventional gaming’s key challenges, it will deliver a host of unique features and improvements.

🌾 What so special about GamyFi ?

  1. Hybrid Multi Layer Protocol
  2. Multi Level Royality perk system
  3. LimitLess and Global
  4. Community Incentives

How to join whitelist?

Feel free to join our whitelist here:

When does the whitelist close?

  • 3PM UTC 28 Mar 2021

How about the rules join IDO on GUMPad?

First pool details:

  1. Ticker: GFX
  2. Total tokens allocated: 12,250 GFX
  3. Total slots: 50
  4. Token Price: 1$
  5. Token sale format:

Top 1 — 15: 300$/slot — Total: 4500 GFX

Top 16 — 30: 250$/slot — Total: 3750 GFX

Top 31 — 50: 200$/slot — Total: 4000 GFX

Important note:

Each user’s GUM balance will be recorded random time in a snapshot at 0:00 AM (UTC) each day during the 3-day period (from 26 Mar to 29 Mar)

Participants in Round 1 after closing the whitelist have 24 hours to send ETH to the project’s contract address (we will update the information later)

Second Pool details:

The second pool will be for GUM holders and Liquidity Providers (at least 3 days before the IDO date).

  1. Ticker: GFX
  2. Total tokens allocated: 4600 GFX
  3. Blockchain: Ethereum
  4. Token sale format: First come, first serve
  5. Token Price: 1$
  6. Allocation per slot: 200$/slot
  7. Start Time: 12:00 PM UTC 29th Mar
  • Participants in the second pool STILL have to pass the whitelist.

Public Pool

  1. Ticker: GFX
  2. Total tokens allocated: 3150 GFX
  3. Blockchain: Ethereum
  4. Token Price: 1$
  5. Allocation per slot: 150$/slot
  6. Token sale format: Lottery

GamyFi information:

  1. Website :
  2. Discord :
  3. Twitter :
  4. Telegram:



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