Welcome to GUMPad: What to do and how to participate in future IDOs

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2 min readFeb 28, 2021


We are really excited to announce that GUM Pad is ready and will be available this week.

GUM Pad is Gourmet Galaxy’s Crowdfunding platform that we created to decentralize the way Blockchain Startups raise funds.

Depending on the project, users will be able to contribute different digital assets according to a fixed exchange schedule as set by the project. At the moment, GUM Pad supports BNB, ETH, DOT, and stablecoins based on the above chains.

As mentioned in our previous article, our IDOs will be known as GUM Holder Offerings (GHO), and the participating projects charge no fees.

For more information about Gourmet Galaxy GHO, kindly visit:


How to participate in GUM Pad IDOs?

To participate in GUM Pad, users have to hold at least 2,000 GUM. Different projects will have different rules and distribution amounts for the participants. However, the public sales conducted on GUM Pad will have 2 rounds: Strong Holder Offering and Holder Offering.

For the Strong Holder Offering, Gourmet Galaxy Team will start conducting the Hold Score 24 hours before the IDO date. The top highest Hold Score wallets will get the right to participate in the Strong Holder Offering round.

For Holder Offerings, users only need at least 2,000 GUM in their wallet. This round will be first come, first served.

Keep in mind that Liquidity Providers also get scanned during this process.

Our first IDO project will be announced soon, so stay tuned for more!

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