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Gourmet Galaxy is an innovative Yield Farming platform, a combined of DeFi and NFTs in a gaming experience.

Stake delicious CAKE and Earn GUM— Stake GUM| BNB LP Token and Earn GUM

Gourmet Galaxy is excited to announce GUM BEP 20 is now part of the Syrup Pool by Pancakeswap a leading AMM on Binance Smart Chain. Users can earn both $CAKE and $GUM by doing the below activities. We thank the PancakeSwap team for considering GUM.

Note: To use PancakeSwap, you need to have GUM BEP20, you can either buy it from PancakeSwap or convert your GUM ERC20 to BEP20 using GUM Binance Smart Chain bridge. Here is the guide:

There are two ways for users to…

We are pleased to announce Gourmet Galaxy ($GUM) has been added into beefy finance’s Vaults, a leading Yield Optimizer On Binance Smart Chain. Users need to deposit GUM— BNB LP token into the GUM— BNB Vault on Beefy finance and earn $CAKE tokens.

What is GUM— BNB LP Vault on Beefy finance?

Beefy finance is a Yield Optimizer on Binance Smart Chain. The vaults are pool of funds which follow a certain strategy that are designed to maximise the yield of the deposited asset and minimise the risks.

The strategies of these vaults includes multiple things such as farming other protocol tokens and selling them for profits, supplying collateral…

We are pleased to announce that the next project on GUMPad is KYTE means Kambria Yield Tuning Engine

KYTE (pronounced same way as “kite”) is the newest addition to the rapidly growing DeFi space. By offering intelligent, fast, and decentralized financial services to the community, we complement our vision to foster the open innovation of frontier technologies.

KYTE represents an engine we are building to optimize the yields for KYTE token holders whether through machine learning algorithms or crowdsourcing from our open innovation platform Kambria.

As most of you know, the launch of Ethereum has fundamentally changed cryptocurrencies forever. The…

Introducing — GamyFi is a Gaming and E-Sports platform Powered by Polkadot and Elrond.

What is Gamyfi Platform?

GamyFi is a Blockchain based E-Sports and gaming platform which incentives gamers and sports enthusiasts for thier skills and knowledge and Rewards. GamyFi platform uses blockchain technology to keep it fair for all while being secure and fast.

Developed by an ambitious team, GamyFi is a revolutionary blockchain technology-based platform that uses crypto as the in-game currency and offering all benefits to the crypto world alongside.

GamyFi is designed to tackle conventional gaming’s key challenges, it will deliver a host of unique features and improvements.

🌾 What so special about GamyFi ?

  1. Hybrid…

So, it is official!! Gourmet Galaxy is now on Binance Smart Chain. Users can now convert your $GUM tokens from ERC-20 to BEP-20.

If you are still confused and don’t know how to convert your tokens from ERC-20 to BEP-20, check out this step-by-step guide!!

Step 1: Prepare your Binance Smart Chain wallet.

First of all, you need a Metamask wallet and the according browser extension. Make sure that it is already connected to Binance Smart Chain. To connect your Metamask wallet to Binance Smart Chain, follow this guide by Binance.

Step 2: Connect to the BSC Bridge site:


If you want to participate in GUM Holder Offering pools, you will have to follow one of these two requirements.

Option 1: Make sure you hold at least 2,000 GUM in your wallet in order to be able to be selected.

Option 2: You must provide liquidity on Uniswap for GUM tokens, which also gives you eligibility for these pools. In order to be eligible, you need to submit your address on the whitelist form.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your BEP-20 wallet address to receive tokens must be the same as the ERC-20 wallet address that you used to hold GUM.

How to participate in GUM Holder Offering (GHO)?


We are happy to announce GUM Review Competition🤩🚀
Create an Article or Video review about Gourmet Galaxy #GUM.


The article’s content should cover all aspects of Gourmet Galaxy, especially GUM Farm, GUM Swap, and GUM Pad. We prefer the review Video/Article to be in English. If your content is made for non-English speakers, prepare an English transcript/translation in the form you send to us.


💰Prizes per EACH category💰:


0.3ETH for video with the most views/engagement on Youtube.
0.2ETH for video with the most detailed/creative content on Youtube.

Text Article

0.2ETH, split between 2 most detailed/creative article (Medium/Hackernoon/Personal Blogs etc…)

Participants Prizes

$150, $50, $20…

We are really excited to announce that GUM Pad is ready and will be available this week.

GUM Pad is Gourmet Galaxy’s Crowdfunding platform that we created to decentralize the way Blockchain Startups raise funds.

Depending on the project, users will be able to contribute different digital assets according to a fixed exchange schedule as set by the project. At the moment, GUM Pad supports BNB, ETH, DOT, and stablecoins based on the above chains.

As mentioned in our previous article, our IDOs will be known as GUM Holder Offerings (GHO), and the participating projects charge no fees.

For more…

Today, Gourmet Galaxy is excited to announce the strategic partnership with Fire Protocol. 🍻

The last few days have been an exhilarating ride for the GUM team and community. Since our token genesis event, GUM’s token has surged over 1000% and consistently trending DEXTools and CoinGecko.

Although we’re excited by the DeFi community’s embrace of GUM, we now move into the next phase of growth through strategic partnerships. We take a lot of time to source out the best opportunities to leverage our cross-chain functionality. …

Just as there are unlimited galaxies, it would be pretty illogical for Gourmet Galaxy to solely depend on one single Blockchain. As every Blockchain enthusiast knows, Ethereum is perfect in terms of its stability and maturity as an Ecosystem. But in terms of speed, cost, and scalability, Ethereum still faces some serious problems.

Gourmet Galaxy team is well aware of this, so GUM Farm and GUM Swap are built with Polkadot in mind. Just one solution would not be enough for us though, so the more chains we are connected to, the more possibilities there are for our Galaxy to…

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